Falcon Boy 1: 4 ‘Bacharach McCarthy’ Pt 3

All of this was simply amazing and marvellous in the beginning and SuperHeroVerse™ was inundated with riotous superhero activity twenty-four hours a day. But it wasn’t long before things began to get a bit same-y.

What’s so super about being a superhero if you are only as super as every other superhero?

If you can fly and I can fly and he can fly and she can fly and they can fly, then what’s so great about flying anyway?

Indeed, what’s so great about anything anyway when everyone else can do something else equally as impressive?

Gradually, members of SuperHeroVerse™ began to disregard their chosen superpowers, renouncing their ability to walk upside down on ceilings or see things from a fly’s eye’s perspective, choosing instead to simply log on, meet with friends and talk about their day and other normal things. Eventually the owners of SuperHeroVerse™ succumbed to community pressure and removed the superpower creation function altogether.

Falcon Boy and Bewilder Bird joined just as this was happening but didn’t realise anything had changed until they began to discover large groups of vividly-designed avatars of all shapes and sizes standing around, talking about their busy days at work.

‘So how did you get on today?’ said a giant mechanised monster to a radioactive merman.

‘Snowed under, as always,’ replied the merman. ‘I really must find some time for a holiday.’

‘I know what you mean,’ said the mechanised monster, ‘but where to go is the question.’

‘Too true, too true,’ said a gaseous cloud as it passed by. ‘I hear the beaches are simply packed at this time of year.’

‘Where’s all the action?’ thought Falcon Boy to himself. ‘Why is no one doing anything?’

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