Falcon Boy 1: 4 ‘Bacharach McCarthy’ Pt 2

In the original iteration of SuperHeroVerse™, members were given full access to an unlimited range of superpowers, and as you can imagine it wasn’t long before everyone you met could:


bend time to their will,

cause impossibly heavy objects to float like feathers,

shoot bright green lasers from their eyes,

feel no shame,

breathe underwater,

talk to animals,

think big,

walk through walls,

control thunderstorms,

unite warring insects and cause them to fight for them,

understand the true meaning of things simply by touching them,

survive extreme drops in temperature,


blend into any kind of scenery,

dupe people with a supernatural sleight of hand,

be visually and vectorally versatile,

breathe in a vacuum,


hover hawk-like,

cause the molecules of their body to become gaseous,

hop really high,

invert algorithms,

disregard emotional stimuli,

shoot sheets of flame from a wooden pole,

discover the poetry evident in everyday objects,

swordfight with a custom-made walking stick,

reanimate corpses,

make their skin as hard as steel,

speak the language of electrical circuits,

adopt the abandoned,


wrestle the unruly,

self-propagate at an alarming rate,

lie to both themselves and others,

self-edit the past,

shake their head to stop things happening,

predict the future (but those that chose this superpower never saw what was coming, coming),

raise the temperature of things with their breath,

change colour at will,

out-process the fastest microprocessor,

argue at great length,

make great strides,

write long lists,

inhale aeroplanes and helicopters,

force people to dance uncontrollably,

wonder aloud,

forge documents convincingly,

never die,

motivate defeated soldiers,

magnetically attract,

run incredibly fast,

animate the inanimate,

memorise extremely long combinations of numbers,

exaggerate to co(s)mic effect,

plan accordingly,

know things worth knowing,

stop speeding vehicles dead in their tracks with the flat of their hand,


desire the undesirable,

have the fastest wheelchair in the universe,

spit a long way,


seize the day,


stare at the Sun,


use their finger as a USB key,

pay no mind to things,

run incredibly far,


do a speedy whirl,

expertly ventriloquise,

touch the sky,

create a whirlwind with a flick of their wrist,

become a machine,

or a centaur,

see the good in everyone,

stretch themselves incredibly thin,

dominate whole nations through sheer force of will,

stand very still for very long,

completely disregard local sensations,

act unbidden but wholly appropriately,

transmute and alchemise,

proffer expert advice when required,

and summarise long lists like this one.

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