An ancient curse (because there cannot ever be any other kind) caused the school friends of Henry Half-Prince to become bloodthirsty undead wizards intent on eating their way around the world. In order to get to the bottom of things, or get on top of the same things, Pearly Stockwell had to infiltrate Hogwash College and stop this thing dead in its tracks before the world was eaten alive by a band of bloodthirsty teenage undead wizards.

Pearly sat in the great big dining hall surrounded her new classmates. A decayed hand was shoved into her face.

‘Hi, I’m Reg,’ said a redheaded lad in the early stages of decay. ‘You must be new here. What house are you in?’ Pearly looked up from her gloomy magic supper.

‘Mindyouownbusiness,’ she said. ‘It’s a new one. Have you heard of it?’ Reg smiled his best dim smile.

‘I’m in Brokendoor,’ he said. ‘We’re the best zombies in Hogwash.’

‘Don’t say zombies,’ said a small girl sitting next to Reg. ‘We are undead-wizard-apprentice-sorcerers,’ she said. ‘Zombie sounds so old and obvious-sounding.’ The small girl smiled at Pearly.

‘Hi, my name is Hermetical Rangefinder and I’m in Sparrownose. I’m sure we are going to be the best of friends.’

‘Are you?’ said Pearly with a face like B-movie thunder.

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