Dr Don’t Know wants the world to be as stupid as he is.

‘This beautifully written dynamic book is perfect for kids and adults alike. It’s quirky and offbeat with a big heart. It has all the wonder and magic of classic children’s books with the innovation of contemporary literature. Falcon Boy is not to be missed!’

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Don’t let stupid win!

Dr Don’t Know hates knowledge.

He wants to steal the answer to every question ever asked.

Dr Don’t Know wants the world to be as stupid as he is.

We can’t let this happen!

Only Falcon Boy and Bewilder Bird can save the world from Dr Don’t Know. The bad news is that they have been kidnapped. The good news is that they can’t stay kidnapped for long otherwise this story will never get started.

Will Dr Don’t Know succeed with his evil plan?

There’s only one way to find out.

Read on and remember.

Don’t let stupid win!!

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Pearly Stockwell and the Undead Wizard Horde


An ancient curse (because there cannot ever be any other kind) caused the school friends of Henry Half-Prince to become bloodthirsty undead wizards intent on eating their way around the world. In order to get to the bottom of things, or get on top of the same things, Pearly Stockwell had to infiltrate Hogwash College and stop this thing dead in its tracks before the world was eaten alive by a band of bloodthirsty teenage undead wizards.

Pearly sat in the great big dining hall surrounded her new classmates. A decayed hand was shoved into her face.

‘Hi, I’m Reg,’ said a redheaded lad in the early stages of decay. ‘You must be new here. What house are you in?’ Pearly looked up from her gloomy magic supper.

‘Mindyouownbusiness,’ she said. ‘It’s a new one. Have you heard of it?’ Reg smiled his best dim smile.

‘I’m in Brokendoor,’ he said. ‘We’re the best zombies in Hogwash.’

‘Don’t say zombies,’ said a small girl sitting next to Reg. ‘We are undead-wizard-apprentice-sorcerers,’ she said. ‘Zombie sounds so old and obvious-sounding.’ The small girl smiled at Pearly.

‘Hi, my name is Hermetical Rangefinder and I’m in Sparrownose. I’m sure we are going to be the best of friends.’

‘Are you?’ said Pearly with a face like B-movie thunder.

5 Star Review


Hi Everyone

Volume I in the Falcon Boy: A Fairly Hopeless Hero series has just received another Five Star review on Amazon. Here it is reprinted below:

Falcon Boy and Bewilder Bird versus Dr Don’t Know in a Battle for all the Life of all the Planets

‘Trying to tear my 8 & 10 year old sons away from their games consoles and the Disney XD channel is a constant battle in our house, with me usually ending up on the losing side!
Well for two glorious weeks, after purchasing this book, the Nintendos and TV just sat in the corner and gathered dust.

Being an avid (but slightly tight-fisted) reader myself, I was scouring my kindle for cheap (or preferably free!) books to read. With so much choice, I resorted to my usual trick of only looking at books who’s covers caught my eye. This book leapt straight out at me, it is quite a simple design but obviously has had a lot of thought put into it and, in my mind, is visually quite stunning. So I took a punt and bought it. And boy, am I glad I did!

After reading a good few chapters myself in the first sitting, I decided that my boys needed to read this book as well, whether they wanted to or not! So I started reading it to them for half an hour or so before their bedtime.They were as instantly hooked as I was.
The absolutely insane but, somehow, still believable characters, the strange world they inhabit, the way the narrative jumps from one crazy situation to another in the blink of an eye and the authors witty asides to the reader make this book a compelling read for all, whether aged 8, 10 or 40 (ish).
This book has kept us all entertained throughout, with very many laugh out loud moments. It has a humour that works on many levels but without ever being anywhere near offensive.(which seems to be quite unusual these days).
Also, we all agreed that this story and these characters would be great transferred to the screen. If not a film, it would definitely make a fantastic animated series and would certainly not look out of place on the aforementioned Disney XD Channel.

My only gripe is that there is not a sequel yet and I have two sons pestering me on an almost daily basis to check the kindle to see if one is out yet.
So, Please sir, can we have some more?…………………..’