Falcon Boy: A Fairly Hopeless Hero Volume 1: 16

Pearly Stockwell and the Interesting Twins Detective Comic Audiobook Series‘ Part 2

In the first episode in the series, We Hope You Can, Pearly Stockwell, Pearly moves to Fallstown following a commuter train tragedy that killed her parents. She doesn’t have much to bring to her new home apart from the fortune she inherited from her parents, and her big city ways.

An unfortunate misunderstanding with a flower seller and a taxi driver at the Fallstown railway station results in Pearly picking up the wrong suitcase. She opens the suitcase to discover an old telephone directory.

‘Who brings a telephone directory on holiday with them?’ Pearly says to herself. ‘Surely, if they really needed a telephone number they could ask a policeman or someone who works at the Post Office.’ With her curiosity piqued, Pearly decides to investigate the mystery.

She places an advert in the Fallstown Provider for detectives to join her in the investigation.

‘Experience not essential,’ reads the advertisement, ‘but you must have a belief in truth, justice and an aching desire to find out things.’

The next day, Pearly receives a badly-scrawled letter inviting her to a secret rendezvous on the sandy beach at Fallstown Cove.

Pearly gets to the rendezvous early in order to spy on who might arrive and is disappointed to see two young boys sitting next to a telephone box.

Pearly narrows her eyes. ‘Who are you and what is a telephone box doing on the beach?’

‘We have come to join your detective gang,’ replies the telephone box. ‘My name is Wanderley Gordy and I am a master of disguise,’ the telephone box continues. ‘These are my brothers, Wes and Windy.’

Wes and Windy stand up and bow dramatically.

‘We are the Interesting Twins,’ says the box.

‘But there are three of you,’ replies Pearly.

‘And that’s what makes us so interesting!’ exclaim the Interesting Twins together, and the adventures of Pearly Stockwell and the Interesting Twins begin.

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