Falcon Boy: A Fairly Hopeless Hero Volume 1: 17

‘Pearly Stockwell and the Interesting Twins’

Pearly heads every investigation. She is also very good at telling people things, normally things that they already know. This is a profoundly annoying trait for a character to have but within the context of the stories, her big city ways are a useful narrative device.

For example, during The Lost Treasure of Fallstown, Pearly convinces the elderly Mrs. Elvira Toothpull, Fallstown’s resident millionaire, to lend the Incredible Twins her antique sports car even though it is worth $300,000 and none of them are old enough to drive. As it turns out, they don’t need the car to solve the mystery but the writers are happy to use this as an example of just how convincing Pearly can be.

Wes Gordy is the gang’s muscle and his main purpose is to step in and stop someone from doing something mean to someone else, or else save the gang in some way that needs exceptional strength.

It is Wes who saves his friends from drowning in Fallstown Bay when he rips open the hatch on the sinking fishing boat at the thrilling climax of Pearly Meets the Ghostly Angler. It also takes a mighty dead-leg from Wes to get the Octopus’s henchman to let go of Pearly’s arm as the helicopter is about to take off with her on board in The Octopus and His Evil Plans for Pearly Stockwell.

As the telephone box demonstrates, Wanderley is a genius at disguising himself and no adventure is complete without Wanderley revealing himself from a disguise so ingenious that no one ever recognises him.

At the end of Pearly and the Merchant Bankers, Wanderley disguises himself as the Chief Executive Officer of a multinational bank to help bring about the end of the Drumm Boys, a gang of corrupt financiers intent on selling illegal shares and bankrupting a small country.

Wanderley’s disguise is convincing enough for the Drumm Boys to incriminate themselves via email and audiotape, surrender their passports and provide the Fallstown Police with the details of all their offshore bank accounts.

In Here Comes the Interesting Twins to Save the Day, Pearly, Wes and Windy have been kidnapped by Professor Ingenious, a mad scientist intent on taking over the world with his army of manky, mutant, melted monkeys and it takes Wanderley disguising himself as the President of the United States to finally put a stop to the manky, mutant, melted monkey menace.

Windy is the gang’s athlete and it is his job to be ready to run for help when it is required. His natural athleticism allows him to run like the wind to notify the local authorities when smugglers threaten the local economy in Pearly Saves the Seaside. It also helps him escape from the clutches of the desperately dangerous teenage Bicycle Boys when they try to take over Fallstown in Windy Wins the Deadliest Race of his Little Life.

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