The city continued to be pulled apart and as it was so the significance of records and metrics came once more to the fore. It wouldn’t be a genocide without the concomitant cataloguing and noting and so the task fell to an army of hastily-appointed trustees with a civil service background to collect the last will and testament of every citizen.

Like the ultimate reality television show everybody began to be forced at gunpoint to leave a record on video of who they once were. Once their message was recorded they were herded back to whichever landmark they had been assigned to destroy and the process continued.

2 thoughts on “Bara Cailín 5: 13 ‘the ultimate reality television show’

  1. Hi Barnaby! I have just been chuckling at Falcon Boy’s superhero status of ‘cat rescuer’ and then nearly went into a fit at ‘Paint Tales’. I know of some ex colleagues who would love that. Apart from a couple of pages that needed closer copy editing/proofreading, I am loving Falcon Boy. My kind of humour. Puts me in mind of The Third Policeman! You’re not the secret son of Flann O’Brien, are you?


    1. Hi Kim, I’m thrilled to hear that you are enjoying Falcon Boy. I had the book professionally copy-edited but clearly something was missed. If you let me know what and where I can make the changes. Please feel free to spread the word and if you feel so disposed please leave a review on Amazon. I’m glad you are loving it. The Third Policeman is an amazing book so thanks for even mentioning it in the same sentence as Falcon Boy. Hope you keep reading! Kind regards, Barnaby


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