When we are confronted by an insect, our natural reaction is to use our hands to wipe and swipe and flick and push away and squash the thing annoying you. Or hit it with a rolled-up newspaper. At the very least we would wave something in a bid to get the insect to go and bother someone else.

A single fly, perhaps?

A cloud of midges?

An ant in your lunchbox?

A wasp attracted to your fizzy drink?

A descending ocean of cockroaches?



3 thoughts on “Bara Cailín 4: 24 ‘An ant in your lunchbox?’

  1. Would you believe I think I may have discovered what is happening!! I copied your twitter handle and went over to twitter to look you up, there are two accounts with your twitter handle, one is a guy with a guitar and the other isn’t. I can follow the one who doesn’t have a guitar but the other is blocked. So are you the one with the guitar singing or the other one. both accounts have the exact same twitter handle.


  2. that is so weird! because when I tweet it out it asks if I want to follow @BarnabyTaylor, But that barnaby taylor has a guitar and is a singer. The other is just a guy. either way, neither of those are yours. I am following you now. That is so weird! I hope you have a wonderful day today~

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