As my indicates – as does any other profile I have recently updated – I am currently working on Volumes II and III of Falcon Boy: A Fairly Hopeless Hero. Volume II is tentatively titled The Brothers Revoltable Travelling Circus and Other Crazy Fun with Special Guests and tells the tale of what happens when an evil circus owner comes to Panic Town intent on much harm and mischief.

I am currently 13,000 words into the second draft and already I can see new possibilities for Falcon Boy and his sidekick Bewilder Bird as they struggle once again to establish their relevance to a world that doesn’t really need them. The challenge is to make sure the two superheroes stay central to the story even though neither of them are really capable of being the kind of agents for change that they wish they were.

All worlds, narrative or otherwise, change all of the time and the world of Falcon Boy is no exception. I will keep you updated as the project develops.

In the meantime you can gain a better understanding of Falcon Boy and his world here. You can also follow him on Twitter here.

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