‘The5 first spoke to me during a recording session.’

The Rock Star sat down to continue his story.

‘The rest of the band had gone home but I wanted to re-record a vocal so I stayed behind. As I mixed the track I kept noticing a slight vibration in the background.’

The Rock Star scoffed.

‘I’ll spare you the details of proper adult rock-stuff but suffice to say this vibration became audible when I changed to the right frequency.’

The Rock Star looked over his shoulder.

‘That was when The5 spoke to me.’

‘The Five?’ said Inteachán.

‘Not The Five, The5,’ corrected the Rock Star. ‘I’m sure that Mac has told you all kinds of ludicrous stories about the NotBeSpeak.’

Inteachán nodded.

‘Well,’ said the Rock Star. ‘He doesn’t know the half of it.’

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