Phone Girl And Other Scary Stories

Voices from beyond. Imaginary friends.

Unsettling sights. All this and more …

Phone Girl

My mum’s phone rang in the middle of the night. It woke us both up.

‘Go back to sleep, darling,’ she said.

The phone rang again. And again. And again. My mum turned it off. It kept ringing. She put it in the fridge. Still it kept ringing.

‘Who is it, Mum?’ I said.

Mum didn’t know.

‘There’s no name and no number.’

We didn’t go back to sleep. We both sat in the kitchen. The phone was in the fridge. It kept ringing. I started to think about it.

‘Maybe you should answer it, Mum. It might be important.’

Mum nodded. She opened the fridge. She took out the phone.

‘Hello. Who’s this?’

‘You,’ said the voice. ‘You.’

The voice was loud. I heard it without the speaker. It was a little girl. Mum was very confused.

‘Me? What do you mean, me?’

‘No, you,’ said the voice. ‘You.’

‘Is this a joke?’

‘Are you laughing?’

Mum shook her head.

‘Well then,’ said the little girl.

I thought I would speak to the little girl.

‘Who are you?’

‘Her,’ said the little girl. ‘I’m her.’

I looked at Mum. She didn’t know. It was mad. Mum asked another question.

‘Where are you calling from?’

‘There,’ said the little girl. ‘I’m there.’

‘Here?’ said Mum.

‘No,’ said the little girl. ‘There.’

I felt frightened. I looked around the kitchen.

‘You can see me,’ said the little girl. ‘I’m right in front of you.’

Mum was right in front of me. But she wasn’t ringing anyone. She was answering the phone.

‘Why are you calling?’

‘I’m not,’ said the voice. ‘You are.’

Mum got very upset. I felt scared. It made me start to cry.

‘Please don’t keep calling us.’

Mum pressed the red button. She put the phone back in the fridge. It started to ring again. Mum took the phone back out. She was crying. Me too.

‘Why are calling?’ said Mum.

‘I’m not,’ said the little girl, ‘you are.’

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