Sea levels start to rise. Waves lap. Buildings now bob. Submerged where once they stood tall and proud. Clouds boil black and fearful. Deserts grow tall green grass springing from the dirty sand.

‘Simple tricks,’ says Jodocus Meaddowcraft. ‘Pointless entertainments designed not to prove worth but to simply demonstrate. D-E-M-O-N-STRATE.’

Mere feints and darts. Patients are miraculously healed and tumours disappear. But churches collapse. Ocean liners sink without trace. Airplanes vanish. Technologies begin their fail. Countries start to starve.

‘This is what I mean by disorder,’ smirks Jodocus Meaddowcraft. ‘In the time we have already spent together I have brought seventy six species of plants and animals back from extinction whilst also removing 0.000002% of the world’s population.’

Jodocus Meaddowcraft looks through the camera into the eyes of the world.

‘The question is what next?’

3 thoughts on “The Entry Word 1.3

      1. A bit of space is good! In some ways, I feel the blog has served its purpose – it got my writing noticed and I got a book deal. But it feels a bit weird just to walk away from it now – and I don’t feel that anyone would be interested in me whittering on about my life or opinions on current affairs. We shall see how it goes. Really loving your new thing, it’s awesome!

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