Hi Everyone

Here’s three things I’ve learned about giving away VIRO for FREE on Amazon this week.

1. Free is a good thing.

Giving away a version of Book One in the VIRO series – click the link here to get your electronic copy – has made a tremendous difference. Admittedly, I am giving the book away but any potential loss in terms of revenue – something that hasn’t really been a factor with the electronic version – is most definitely outweighed by getting the book out there. Obviously, the plan is that giving away enough FREE versions will drive readers to VIRO [Book Two]; and Book Three [once it is finished]

2. Amazon categories and keywords are still a work in progress.

I have spent a lot of time engaging with Amazon in terms of developing the right categories and even though I have seen some positive developments, it is still a work in progress. The beauty of Amazon is that you can keep tweaking. The downside of this is that I still have a lot to learn.

3. Being Number One really helps. I mean really helps!

Getting to Number One in an Amazon chart has really made a difference. I know it sounds too obvious to even mention but getting to the top of an Amazon best seller list has really impacted positively on downloads. The plan is to leverage this position to climb the other charts.



If you are interested in helping VIRO further infect the Amazon charts by joining the #VIROSWARM then you can get your FREE version of Book One by clicking on the word INFECTION.



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