House Themed Non-Fiction Kindle Cover

The Dark and Dangerous Disco Night

A disc jockey, a painter, and a pop star set off to spend Christmas with a Prime Minister and a Prince.

The Started Series
Welcome to the Started Series. This is a series of novels that I have started but have never developed. I am going to give them away FREE of charge and let the Universe decide. If there is enough interest in one of them I will start it again.
The Dark and Dangerous Disco Night is Book Two in this series.

You can download the book FREE from Smashwords. CLICK on the word FREE.

the entry word ebook cover

The Entry Word

Following a texting accident, the World summons Jodocus Meaddowcraft, a constipated alien from another dimension. Jodocus sets about punishing the World for summoning him.

You can download The Entry Word (Book One in the Started Series). This book is FREE from Smashwords. Just CLICK on the word FREE.



Book One has just been released and is available in paperback and ebook.

Jake is twelve years old. He has always been different to other kids. Jake wakes one morning to find that the world has been destroyed by a mysterious airborne virus. Battling with his own insecurities, Jake must rise to the dangerous challenges that confront him as he sets off to find his missing mother.

Five Star Amazon Reviews

I was recommended this book by a friend, and was a little apprehensive at first as it would not be my first choice of genre.
To my own surprise I loved this book, and was such a page turner I finished it in 2 sittings. This book reads like an Odyssey, 4 kids struggling against constant challenges, in a previous life and now this. These challenges they face bring them closer together and for Jake, the main character, a closeness he has never experienced before. In his normal life his best friends were his mum and his dog, because he was “different”. Now, circumstances means he has to try keep up with his new friends, and all he wants to do is help his new friends and be liked. It’s lovely to see the bond that forms between the 4 kids, each with struggles of their own, who may not have looked twice at each if life was normal.
I loved Jake’s character and the simple way he narrates throughout the book, and we get a fascinating insight to his way of thinking, which I think we can all relate to in some form. A kid full of love and lots to give.
I loved this book, and finished it in 2 sittings, a real page turner. A range of interesting characters, young independent kids, not by choice but by design.

I absolutely loved this book. Powerful and poignant, ‘Viro’ packs a punch. Sad and haunting, ‘Viro’ is a new take on the zombie genre.The characters are dynamic and interesting, finding strength despite their horrifying circumstances. Jake is a character that will stick with you long after the final page. The action sequences are thrilling. I was on the edge of my seat! I can’t wait to read Book Two!!

Direct with a style thats postures the unusual. Page headings reflect the contents – succinct and minimal. Yesterday was fine but today something has changed – Jake, perhaps an idio savant, was always strange but this different day brought a horror to his world. He and his acquaintances – Ellis, the tomboy Peter Pan figure who recognises Jakes special need and appears to support him . . . . . . a sad dystopian world that very much reflects now.

VIRO is available to buy from Amazon, Smashwords and all good bookshops.

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