Hi Everyone

VIRO hit the (virtual) bookshelves yesterday.

This is Book One in the series and tells the story of Jake.

Jake is different but so is the world now.

You can buy VIRO in paperback or as an eBook.

There is a link embedded in the image.

As always, I would delighted to know what you think.


All this publishing excitement got me thinking about mouse mats, coffee mugs and ballpoint pens.

There was a time when everyone used a mouse mat.

Does anyone use one any more?

What about branded coffee mugs?

Given to us by reps and other people on behalf of other people.

Along with ballpoint pens.

And mouse mats.

Branded ballpoint pens.

Branded mouse mats.

My mats all perished a long time ago.

My mugs got chipped and stained.

The branded ballpoint pens tend to be the cheapest ones you can get.

Which is why I guess they were freely given away.

By people.

On behalf of other people.

Do you still have a mouse mat?

Are you using it as you read this?


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