Hello Everyone

I haven’t written a word for five days now.

Not that I’m counting.


I normally write 200 words per day.

Or at least try to.

Sometimes less. Sometimes more.

I’m fine with not writing anything.

I learned a long time ago not to be hard on myself when I wasn’t writing.

But I do prefer to be writing all the same.

When this happens to me I imagine that I am in that lovely place between words.

We are all in that place.

Sometimes not for long.

The time it takes to finish a sentence.

Or weld three sentences to form a paragraph.

Eight paragraphs to become a chapter.

Other times the time it takes for the words to begin again.

I have been in that lovely place for five days now.

I am fine with this.

I am simply waiting for that next …

Are you there too?

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