I was hiding on the roof of a shop. There was a strange girl with me.

Everything was good yesterday. I knew that presidents were saying mad things on television. That was like always.

But not now.

The radio said about a virus. People were being zombies. A scientist said it was a disaster all over the world. No one was safe.

Mum worked at the hospital. She was always gone when I got up. She felt bad about this. It wasn’t her fault. She had to do these things. Anyway, I was independent. I liked looking after myself.

I always heard Mum go out. I always went back to sleep.

She wasn’t back home when I woke up again.

I always heard her making breakfast. I would go downstairs.

‘Hi Jake,’ she would say. ‘Did you sleep ok?’

I liked to hug her.

‘How was work?’

‘Work is over now.’

Mum always said don’t worry if she was late. She would be coming back. It was different today. She wasn’t back.

I was really worried. What if the zombies were chasing her?

The hospital was quite near to home. I thought I would look for her.

That was my idea.

I didn’t think anything else.

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