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TAGLINE: Four Kids, One Apocalypse

LOGLINE: In a virus-ravaged world a twelve year-old with special needs must contend with the collapse of civilisation as he looks for his missing mother.


KEY WORDS: Virus; Apocalypse; Zombies: Adventure; Horror; Dystopia; Friendship; Puberty

OVERVIEW: Described as ‘a cross between The Famous Five and The Walking Dead’ VIROS is a post-apocalyptic adventure series that tells the story of Jake, a twelve year old Down’s Boy who wakes one morning to find that not only has three quarters of the world’s population been turned into bloodthirsty ‘viros’ by an unidentified airborne plague but that his mother is missing.

Jake sets off to find her and along the way meets a wonderfully wide range of characters including Ellis, a girl hiding on a roof, and mysterious identical twins, Abe and Amber. Joining forces, the four children make their way across a danger-filled, virus-ravaged landscape.

PROPOSAL: VIROS is currently planned as a series of novels. However, the project is also suitable for development in other forms, including a live-action or film, television or Web series. VIROS is also suitable for converting into a series of graphic novels.

CURRENT STATUS: Book One is currently 40,000 words and has received excellent feedback from a wide range of beta readers. Book Two is 50% complete.

ACTIONS: Book One will be published independently in both paperback and electronic form in Autumn 2017. Book Two will follow in January 2018.



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