Auguste and Louis Lumière organized the first public film screening on December 28th 1895 at the Salon Indien du Grand Café in Paris. Eleven short films were on the bill that night. Only ten films were listed.

  1. Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory

  2. The Sprinkler Sprinkled

  3. The Disembarkment of the Congress of Photographers in Lyon

  4. Horse Trick Riders

  5. Fishing for Goldfish

  6. Blacksmiths

  7. Baby’s Breakfast

  8. Jumping onto the Blanket

  9. Cordeliers Square in Lyon

  10. The Sea

The eleventh film was called Pazuzu returning to the World – a desert scene, with a half-buried broken statue and the wind blowing. It ran for only one second and was not noticed by the audience.

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