Falconb Boy 1The music started playing again and Doodah began to dance. Davey, Deirdre, Daphne and Donny all turned to the side of the stage and beckoned to Ellis to come out and join them.

‘How exciting,’ Ellis thought, as she went out to join in the encore.

‘Wait for us,’ said Falcon Boy wanly. ‘We were heroes too!’

Ellis rolled her eyes but even despite Falcon Boy’s obvious failings, she was becoming very fond of this fairly hopeless hero. Bewilder Bird tried to dance but as you know by now, his boots make it very hard for him to do anything properly.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter as at this point in the story, no one is really going to start quibbling about whether or not superheroes should be able to dance properly. Let’s just sit back and enjoy the rest of the show.

‘Here we go,’ said Davey to the watching world. ‘1, 2, 3, 5 …’

We are One-Thumb, Two-Thumb Good,

Bringing joy to the Neighbourhood,

Nothing ever stops us smiling,

Nothing ever could,

We just keep on going because

We are One-Thumb, Two-Thumb Good


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