DRDBewilder Bird had managed to get himself untangled from the lighting and he and Falcon Boy stood ready to pounce. Captain Lori Lorimer and her officers were also ready, but at this moment, Ellis made the kind of decision that I always knew would make her the central focus of this story.

‘Stop!’ she shouted to the assembled forces of law and order. ‘Leave this to me.’

And definitely feeling like the hero in her own story now, Ellis walked out onto the stage. The music had stopped. Doodah were standing still now. The most evil man in the whole wide universe was standing just in front of her. Unaffected by any of this, Ellis walked up to Dr Don’t Know and touched him gently on the arm.

‘Come on,’ she said. ‘Let’s all go home’.

Dr Don’t Know simply nodded. Ellis took his hand and the two of them walked off stage. The crowd had been watching silently, but now they began to shout and cheer.

For many of them, this was still part of the most amazing live show they had ever seen and they simply weren’t aware of how close the world had just come to total and utter catastrophe.

Now, obviously the police needed to speak to Dr Don’t Know for a long time but for the moment, at least, his evil plan to ruin the world forever had not happened.

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