DRDWere this the dress rehearsal, then Deirdre would have gone crazy about the unauthorised outfit appearing on the stage but it wasn’t, so all she could do was make a mental note to herself that perhaps an outfit like this one would be what Doodah would be wearing for their next concert.

Dr Don’t Know doesn’t know how to dance, and so he just stood there awkwardly and got in everybody’s way. This is how empires crumble.

Nobody knows for sure – and it would probably be better for the story if somebody did – why it was that Dr Don’t Know turned to a life of crime in the first place, but it is quite clear that dedicating his life in this way left him with very little time for anything else. This might explain why he can’t dance.

Whatever the case, and the speculation here is now making the end of this story take even longer to arrive, where once the thwarted supervillain might have loomed large and menacing in most people’s minds, Dr Don’t Know now just looked small and lost and forlorn. Everything that had seemed so powerful about him previously seemed so simply vulnerable now, and Ellis began to feel very sorry for him. She looked around.

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