Doodah3According to his plan, this was exactly the right time for Dr Don’t Know to appear but when he had been planning this caper, he hadn’t factored in the possibility that his plan might have been thwarted this early in its execution. This meant that now was exactly the wrong time for him to appear.

Having visualised this moment a thousand times in his mind, Dr Don’t Know had always imagined that this would be the exact moment when the world was his to command. Sadly, this was not the case and now he was just Dr Don’t Know, alone on the stage at a Doodah concert, in front of millions and millions of people.

Daphne, Davey and Deirdre turned in unison and moved towards the microphones, ready for the chorus.

‘Ouch,’ said Davey, as he tripped over Dr Don’t Know. ‘Who on earth are you?’

‘Don’t know,’ replied Dr Don’t Know.

‘What are you doing here?’ screamed Daphne. ‘You’re getting right in the way.’

This was the trickiest part of the song and Daphne knew that if she was talking, then she wasn’t counting and if she wasn’t counting. then it meant she was out of time. She was.

‘Are you going to just stand there?’ asked Deirdre. ‘Or are you going to dance?’

‘Don’t know,’ said Dr Don’t Know.

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