DRDDr Don’t Know is small and always wears black. After years of experimentation, he had finally settled on jogging trousers with an elasticated waistband, a polo neck, a baseball cap and rubber boots as his bad guy supervillain evil outfit of choice.

Dr Don’t Know’s favourite show is the highly-influential What Bad Guys Wear. Each week, the show reports on what is hot and what is not in the world of uber-villain fashion. Viewers are also treated to a tour of the homes, lairs, laboratories, caves, cribs and other supervillain residences.

Dr Don’t Know found What Bad Guys Wear very intimidating. It was so hard to decide on a public image. For a while, he figured that a purple facemask and fluorescent goggles would make him look more menacing, but sweat filled his eyes when he got too hot and he couldn’t see to drive a moped.

Another time, it was all the rage for super-evil international villains to wear expensive handmade suits but Dr Don’t Know could never find one that fitted him properly. No self-respecting criminal mastermind wanted to have to turn up the hem of the trousers.

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