Falconb Boy 1

Using the closest spotlight to him, Bewilder Bird shone it on the badly-dancing dancers one at a time. As each Troublebot was caught in the spotlight, two policemen sprinted onto the stage dressed as stagehands.

Each policeman carried a heavy-duty magnet that they used to stun each Troublebot. More policemen waited backstage and deactivated the stunned Troublebots with a bucket of water. There were sparks everywhere but anyone who saw them thought they were simply part of the show.

The deactivated Troublebots were piled in the back of an open-top lorry, ready to be taken to the Panic Town Detention Centre where prisoners will strip them of all their useful parts. Anything left after this will then be sent to the Panic Town Recycling Centre.

As the Troublebot cull began, nobody watching in the audience thought that anything odd was happening. As far as they were concerned, it was all part of the wonderful stage show that Doodah had created especially for them.

Even Dr Don’t Know was taken in as he waited patiently beneath the stage. He was watching the concert on his telephone and waiting for the moment when he could activate his terrible plan.

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