FB2Anyway, as is becoming increasingly more frequent, it was left to Ellis to get things going once again.

‘Falcon Boy,’ she shouted above the roar of the crowd. ‘You should use your special power to tell Bewilder Bird to use the spotlights to point out the Troublebots, so that they can be removed from the stage without causing chaos.’

She turned to Captain Lorimer.

‘We simply cannot let the Troublebots ruin the show.’

Falcon Boy nodded, but whenever he uses his superpower he cannot stop his lips moving, and so it looked like he was talking to himself. He would make a terrible ventriloquist.

Captain Lorimer turned to her assembled men and women and issued her orders.

‘Quick, men and women,’ she said. ‘We need to get the Troublebots off of the stage one at a time so as not to ruin the show.’

Her men and women agreed and so as one show continued, another show began. Which one is the sideshow and which one is the main attraction is for you to decide.

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