actionFBI’m sure that you are probably thinking here about how rude Falcon Boy was being to Captain Lorimer. She was the real representative of law and order here, and deserved the respect of everyone.

She also had the whole weight of the world on her shoulders, and so we can forgive her if she seemed a little cautious. She needed to balance the needs of the many with the desires of the few.

We cannot all just jump into every situation without thinking carefully about where we might land. Otherwise, everyone would jump and all land in a heap together. This would achieve nothing, unless there was an occasion when everyone needed to land in a heap together. Even then, it isn’t clear what that would really accomplish.

On the other hand, it is perhaps understandable that Falcon Boy is keener to act than to think. After all, superheroes are traditionally known more for their action than they are for their powers of introspection.

Just think how different this story would have been if Falcon Boy had been the brooding type and spent all of his time questioning his position within a seemingly hostile and random universe.

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