output_I61G4SFalcon Boy had been standing silently while Ellis was talking to Captain Lorimer. Now he spoke.

‘The Troublebots are disguised as backing dancers,’ he told the Captain, as if Ellis wasn’t there and the Captain hadn’t just been briefed, ‘but they cannot dance and so should be very easy for us to spot.’

Ellis sighed. Captain Lorimer wasn’t sure what to make of the whole thing. She looked slightly embarrassed. Falcon Boy was unabashed.

‘I suggest you instruct your men to apprehend them,’ he continued.

‘But how?’ asked Captain Lorimer. ‘I cannot just disrupt the show. There are a hundred thousand people in the crowd and several hundred million more watching on screens all around the world.’ Captain Lorimer pushed her hat back slightly and scratched her forehead.

Captain Lorimer felt conflicted here. She was delighted that Dr Don’t Know’s plot had begun to be discovered and was potentially only several pages away from being foiled. She was also relieved to hear that there was no further mention of the Moon Rope. ‘Perhaps I might get to keep my job after all,’ she thought.

However, she took her responsibilities very seriously. She couldn’t simply act on the advice of a useless-looking costumed crime-fighter and a young child without thinking things through. After all, this was the same costumed crime-fighter she had recently had to tell to stop directing bank holiday traffic.

‘We need to act very carefully here,’ she told Falcon Boy. ‘We all need to take our time and act thoughtfully.’

Falcon Boy snorted.

‘We need to act immediately,’ he declared. ‘This is not the time for taking our time.’

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