TroublebotEllis knew that she needed to do something straight away or the badly-dancing Troublebots were going to ruin the show. Not only that, they would also be helping Dr Don’t Know do something really wicked. She looked around.

Bewilder Bird was up into the lighting gantry high above the stage. Ellis could see that he looked pretty tangled – one of his claw-foot-boots was caught in a coil of electrical cable – and so it was unlikely that he would be able to spring into action anytime soon.

She signalled to him and pointed at the stage. He shook his head and cupped his ear. He couldn’t hear what she was saying even though she hadn’t said anything. Ellis feared that this was going to be a long night.

Rather like Windy, but nowhere near as speedy, Falcon Boy had gone to alert the authorities and it wasn’t long before Ellis found him returning with Captain Lori Lorimer and a selection of her finest men and women.

‘I’m glad you are here, Captain Lorimer,’ said Ellis. ‘Dr Don’t Know’s Troublebots have disguised themselves as backing dancers.’ Ellis pointed out onto the stage. ‘Look out for the ones who can’t dance.’

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