Doodah3The official version of Hey! Ho! Giddy, Giddy Go! Go! lasts for thirteen minutes and thirty-two seconds, and has remained at the top of any chart you could think of for the last five and a half years. In its time there, Hey! Ho! Giddy, Giddy Go! Go! has inspired at least three hundred thousand million remixes, mash-ups, thrown-togethers, and any other audiovisual combination you can think of.

The virulent spread of the Hey! Ho! Giddy, Giddy Go! Go! meme has resulted in the further creation of various genres and sub-genres. The most popular of these are the hundreds and thousands of fan-made films, where footage of people dancing in any kind of style has the Hey! Ho! Giddy, Giddy Go! Go! audio track laid over the top of it.

Another popular sub-strand of this meme has the song being played over short looped clips of animals doing animal things like, for example:

cats licking cats,

bats falling asleep,

snakes smiling,

pandas chewing bamboo and then doing their business (Doodah’s record label tried unsuccessfully to have this particular strand of the sub-genre removed from the world wide web),

sneezing ponies,

mice sleeping next to frogs,

badgers dancing near mushrooms,

rabbits caught in doorways,

rained-upon reindeer,

turtles wrestling with bricks,

dogs barking at bees,

bees stinging dogs,

swans being startled,

elephants eating cheese,

confused-looking tigers,

and chickens riding hypnotised alligators.

A further notable sub-strand of this meme is the footage of people from all over the world doing the official dance moves to Hey! Ho! Giddy, Giddy Go! Go! in all kinds of crazy places including, just occasionally, on stage.

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