TroublebotDoodah are proud endorsers of Fuzzy Cola© and you see their photograph on every bottle. When I say proud, I actually mean oblivious – it is Doodah’s management who are ‘proud’ to endorse Fuzzy Cola©. Doodah are simply Doodah as they sing the theme tune:

If you’re not feelin’ buzzy

Why not reach for a bottle of

Fuzzy Cola?

It’ll bowl you over

Fuzzy Cola

We’ll win you over

with Fuzzy Fuzzy Cola

Fuzzy Cola


Fuzzy is our Fizzness!!

Fuzzy Cola© is banned in many countries and is also on the World Health Organisation’s Dangerous Products Watch List. That’s fine, but pop concerts are different things altogether and there were crates of the stuff everywhere. As Councillor Footswerve reminded his wife, ‘It isn’t all rotten teeth and obesity, you know. They do a lot for charity that no one ever hears about.’

Normally, Ellis would not be allowed to be in the same room as a bottle of the stuff.

But in extraordinary times and extraordinary situations, it was extraordinarily important to be able to make extraordinary exceptions, and Ellis was sure that at this moment of extraordinary crisis, even her Mum and Dad would be extraordinarily understanding and momentarily relax their extraordinarily rigid rules on the subject long enough for her to grab a bottle and use it to disable an extraordinarily dangerous Troublebot.

‘If this stuff really does destroy your teeth, makes your eyes go in and out of focus, and causes small children in other countries to not only go hungry, but also have to leave school before they are ready in order to do a job they hate,’ Ellis said out loud, ‘then I wonder what it might do to a Troublebot?’

Just before ‘Donny’ managed to break free, Ellis stepped forward and poured the bottle of Fuzzy Cola© into the Troublebot’s grille.

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