Falconb Boy 1Ellis opened the door to Doodah’s dressing room and stepped inside, followed by the two superheroes.

‘Guys,’ said Ellis, ‘Dr Don’t Know’s Troublebots have…’

Ellis stopped talking. For a split second, everything seemed normal but almost at once, she noticed that the dressing room smelled faintly of rusty oil and Donny was finishing tying up the other members of Doodah with electrical cable. ‘Donny’ looked up.

‘Don’t worry,’ ‘he’ said, ‘you’re all next.’

Quick as a flash, ‘Donny’ leapt towards Ellis but she was too quick and she ducked. ‘Donny’ sailed over her head and crashed straight into Bewilder Bird’s chest. Bewilder Bird fell backwards. The Troublebot landed on top of him.

‘Falcon Boy,’ shouted Ellis, ‘you know what to do!’

‘I do,’ said Falcon Boy excitedly. ‘I really, really do.’

And Falcon Boy did. So he did what he knew he needed to do.

Falcon Boy jumped onto the back of ‘Donny’ and tried to pull him off Bewilder Bird. Bewilder Bird was trying to stand up and between the two of them, they turned ‘Donny’ over. Bewilder Bird grabbed one arm and Falcon Boy grabbed the other.

‘Quick, Ellis,’ shouted Falcon Boy. ‘It’s your turn!’

He pulled open the front of the scarecrow outfit. Ellis could see the grille but she didn’t think she would be able to open it. On a nearby table was a crate of the world’s most famous soft drink, Fuzzy Cola©.

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