Doodah3Deirdre was extremely puzzled by the whole Donny thing, but what with the show about to start and everything else she had to think about, she really couldn’t be bothered to pursue this whole thing any further.

‘You better get your outfit on,’ she simply told the drummer. ‘The show is about to start and I really cannot be bothered to pursue this whole thing any further.’

‘Well, I am willing to at least discuss the possibility of maybe changing my entire attire for the benefit of the collective good, but this will not be before I have had the chance to interrogate you all individually as to the reasons for you all believing that such a personal metamorphosis is truly necessary,’ replied Donny gnomically.

‘Hang on,’ said Davey, his hopes for a simple world as equally dashed as Daphne’s, ‘where have you just been, Super-Pointless-People-Saying-Stupid-Long-Things-School?’

As he spoke, Davey thought he could detect a slight smell of oil in the air. ‘Probably nothing,’ he thought, ‘just me being the super-sensitive and hyper-imaginative soul that I am.’

‘Come on, everyone,’ he shouted to everyone. ‘We’ve got a show to get on with, so let’s get on with it.’

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