Doodah1‘Donny, how’s your lunch?’ you might ask him if you had just served him his favourite soup and sandwich combination – which, according to is listed as ‘Vegetable soup with a vegetable sandwich but without the vegetables’.

‘Mhmhmhmh!’ he would probably reply. Or ‘Pssssthhh!’ Possibly even ‘Grrrrrrrrnth!’ You could be sure that he wouldn’t say, ‘Very nice, thank you, but the seasoning is a trifle lacking.’ Or even simply, ‘Thank you.’

There wasn’t really any need to engage Donny in conversation about anything. It just seemed simpler and more life affirming not to have to. This is why everyone was so surprised at how he now sounded after a seemingly simple trip to the bathroom.

Simply put, Donny had never spoken this way before. Even more simply put, Donny had never ever spoken this way before with a slightly robotic twang to his voice. Even more simply put than the last two simply puts, Donny had never ever ever spoken this way before whilst smelling very slightly of rusty oil.

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2 thoughts on “Falcon Boy: Vol. 1: 67 ‘Donny Starts Talking Proper’ Part II

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