Doodah1‘The crowd outside is getting very noisy,’ Daphne suddenly felt very mysteriously compelled to point out, even though it wasn’t possible to hear the crowd from this room. ‘Has anyone gone to look for Donny?’

Deirdre and Davey stopped fighting.

‘What are we going to do if Donny isn’t found?’ continued Daphne. ‘As you said, the show must go on, you know.’

Daphne was starting to look more and more confused.

‘And now we know that the show must go on, and it will be us who the show goes on with, then it could ruin the show if there is only three of us on stage to go on with the show with.’

As you can hear, Daphne was getting very close to the edge now. (So am I).

Who is going to play the drums?’ she shrieked.

‘I’ve always thought it looked really easy,’ said Deirdre matter-of-factly. ‘Perhaps I could have a go?’

‘But,’ said Davey, ‘who would do your thing?’

‘Well,’ Deirdre replied. ‘I could do my thing at the same time.’

‘I doubt it,’ said Davey. ‘You can barely manage to do your own thing on your own, let alone do someone else’s thing on your own as well as your own thing at the same time.’

Davey turned to face the remaining members of Doodah. Just occasionally, there were moments in his life when he felt inspired. This was one of them.

‘Listen to me,’ he said inspirationally. ‘We are Doodah and we have been Doodah since we started being Doodah. In fact, we were all Doodah before we were Doodah, even though we didn’t know we were Doodah.’

Davey stopped to let his brain catch up with his breath.

‘The crowd outside are waiting to see Doodah, so we will go outside and show them we are Doodah.’

Davey was on a roll now.

‘If Donny doesn’t show up before the concert starts, then we will play on without a drummer.’ Davey paused as if to demonstrate his business acumen.

‘In any case, we haven’t got time to find anyone else and it is far too late to be printing new t-shirts, calendars and pencil cases with a new drummer’s face on them.’

‘But…’ Deirdre began. Davey cut her off.

‘That’s the end of it,’ he said. ‘Now let’s start getting ready.’ Davey turned triumphantly to the mirror and began applying his make-up. As he did so, Donny suddenly reappeared.

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