output_I61G4SIf this was an adventure you were watching on the television or reading in a comic book, you would be advised to tune in next time or wait until the next edition to find out what will happen. However, this is the book that the television programme and comic book series will be based on (Hint! Hint!), so you won’t have as long to wait. In fact, I will tell you now.

With the smallest of run-ups and a minimum of back lift, Falcon Boy hurled himself feet-first at the Troublebot’s head. The Troublebot rolled across the corridor and managed to staple its finger to its own ear.

This was another situation that the Troublebot had not been programmed to react to and so it was forced to pause while its brain-computer furiously tried to figure out a solution.

‘Careful,’ shouted Ellis, ‘it’s thinking what to do next.’

The Troublebot got to its badly-designed feet. Bewilder Bird (just about) managed to foot-sweep the Troublebot and it crashed to the floor again. Falcon Boy grabbed a fire extinguisher.

‘Think about this,’ he shouted as he emptied its contents into the Troublebot’s chest. This time, the shower of sparks flew from the Troublebot’s chest like a shower of sparks and the robot died noisily on the floor.

‘That was close,’ said Falcon Boy as he and Bewilder Bird high-fived each other.

‘Here we go again,’ thought Ellis as she sat on the edge of the crate and waited for the two of them to get bored.

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