output_I61G4SDancing like a boxer trying to find an opening, Bewilder Bird got a little too light on his feet and his boots got tangled. With a slip and a cry he fell forwards, knocking Ellis and the flight case out of his way. This was all the advantage that the Troublebot needed and with a blood-curdling groan from its straining motor-pistons, it launched itself at Bewilder Bird, pinning him to the ground.

With all of its weight placed firmly on Bewilder Bird’s chest, the Troublebot began to decide which one of its finger-tool attachments it would need to take out this meddling superhero. The tin opener, the serrated scissors, the compass and the toothpick were quickly rejected in favour of the hole punch and stapler attachment and so the struggle began.

Would the Troublebot manage to hole punch and then staple Bewilder Bird to within an inch of his life? Would the helpless superhero manage to break free from the deadly vice-like grip of his metallic foe? What about our hero’s friends? Will they react in time to save the day? Or is Bewilder Bird doomed?

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