With Falcon Boy back from the dead, everything was now go-go-go again. The smirk on his face was a mile wide and he couldn’t stop jabbing his larger friend on the bicep.

‘Back from the dead, eh?’ he said. ‘Now that’s a story for heroes if I ever heard one.’

Obviously, Bewilder Bird didn’t reply. Ellis turned around.

‘Come on,’ she said to the friends, ‘we’ve got to find Doodah straight away.’ The trio set off.

‘If only we had our very own Windy,’ Ellis wished to herself. ‘I could send him running for the authorities while we wait here.’

Troublebot2Just before they reached the dressing room, the three friends bumped into the Rebel Robot MCs who had just finished their set.

Sadly, however, due to the profoundly punitive reporting restrictions laid down by the Fuzzy Cola© Corporation, not only am I not allowed to tell you anything about what they did during their performance, I am also not allowed to tell you anything about what they did for ‘no less than one hour after any performance’.

I am allowed to tell you that Ellis was really pleased to see them. I can also tell you that she wanted to have her picture taken with DJ Slo-Mo, her favourite of the three rappers, but was not allowed to, due to the fact that ‘no unauthorised recording equipment or related technology, whether audio, visual, audio-visual or indeed any other technology or technique not yet invented but capable of analogue and/or digital capture were it to be conceived, considered and/or invented, is allowed within three metres of the Rebel Robot MCs, either singly, in a group, or in any other combination thereof.’

So that was that then.

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