‘Of course,’ lisped Falcon Boy through his fat lip. He pointed at the pile of rubble, ‘but someone else doesn’t look so good right now.’

‘We thought that you were under there,’ said Ellis. ‘We thought that you were dead.’ She started sobbing again. ‘I’m pleased you’re not.’

‘So am I,’ smiled Falcon Boy sheepishly. ‘I don’t remember much, but I’m guessing that in one of those very lucky story-saving-type things that only happen in certain kinds of adventures, I was somehow thrown clear when the Troublebot exploded.’

Bewilder Bird stopped sobbing. He stood and stared at Falcon Boy. Falcon Boy stared back. Bewilder Bird smiled. Falcon Boy smiled. At this point, it felt as if the whole world had paused for a very brief second and then this feeling was over before it had even begun and our two superheroes high-fived each other and started their celebratory posing once again.

‘Stop!’ shouted Ellis. ‘We don’t have time for that now.’ The superheroes stopped celebrating. ‘Listen,’ continued Ellis, ‘that Troublebot thing was disguised as one of Doodah’s backing dancers.’

She looked down at the Troublebot to see that it had now finished convulsing. ‘This must be part of Dr Don’t Know’s terrible plan.’ She shivered slightly and as she paused, Falcon Boy couldn’t resist flexing his biceps in his friend’s direction. Bewilder Bird found it impossible not to giggle.

‘We haven’t got time for tomfoolery,’ said Ellis. Both superheroes were giggling now. ‘I think we had better get back to Doodah’s dressing room before something else happens.’

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