Falconb Boy 1

Ellis carried on crying. Her crying bubbled upwards in great gushing jags that showed no sign of stopping. If I don’t do something very soon, she is likely to faint from her grief and that is not going to make anyone feel any better. Here goes nothing.

Someone placed a hand on Ellis’s shoulder. She was too upset to turn around.

‘What’s the matter?’ asked the someone behind Ellis. ‘Why are you crying?’

Ellis was so upset, she couldn’t reply. She just carried on crying. Were you standing behind Ellis at this point, you would see Bewilder Bird’s shoulders shaking as he was consumed by his silent grief. Touched by the sadness of the scene, the someone standing behind Ellis started to cry as well.

‘Looks like something terrible has happened here,’ sobbed the someone. ‘Something really bad.’ The same someone sobbed some more. ‘Whatever are we going to do now?’

The someone behind her sounded familiar. A thought stirred deep within Ellis, an idea beyond her grief. She turned around.

Falcon Boy’s shirt was singed, and ripped beneath the left armpit. His left trouser leg was scorched at the cuff, and Ellis could see a hairy leg through the hole in the knee. The visible parts of his face were blackened from the blast, and his tears had streaked watery little lines through the dirt. A fat lip made his moustache look wider.

‘You’re okay,’ sobbed Ellis. ‘You’re okay.’

She was stunned. Bewilder Bird turned as well. He would have been lost for words if only words were his thing.

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