Troublebot2The Troublebot stopped struggling and started short-circuiting instead. Bewilder Bird leapt up as the mortally wounded man-like machine twitched and smoked and arced on the floor. Luckily for him, the one good thing about his useless boots was the fact that they were rubber-soled. Otherwise things might have gone far worse than anyone would have liked.

Falcon Boy, on the other hand, was not so lucky. His boots had some kind of artificial soles and Falcon Boy now found himself fused to the dying Troublebot.

‘Falcon Boy!’ screamed Ellis. ‘You’ve got to let go! It’s going to explode!’ And she was right. The Troublebot was about to explode.

‘I can’t,’ squealed the superhero. ‘I can’t let go.’ The electrical charge that powered the Troublebot had shorted up through the metal leg of the drum stool and Falcon Boy’s hands were now stuck fast. Oblivious to all this panic and consternation, the Troublebot went about dying in a noisy and sparky way.

‘Jumping Jupiter!’ screamed Falcon Boy as the Troublebot exploded in a horrendous flash of thick, oily, sparky smoke.

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