TroublebotEllis opened her eyes to see Falcon Boy crown the Troublebot with a drum stool he had conveniently found. With a glorious THWAAKKKK! the stool connected with the Troublebot’s forehead and down went the poorly-made metal imitation of a man. Bewilder Bird was right behind his feathered friend holding a cymbal stand.

‘Take that, you badly-soldered brute!’ shouted Falcon Boy as he went at the Troublebot with the drum stool. ‘No one threatens anyone around here unless it is us doing the threatening!’ Bewilder Bird nodded his head in total agreement and joined in with the cymbal stand.


‘The grille!’ shouted Falcon Boy. ‘You’ve got to open their grille. You can only stop a Troublebot by opening the grille on its chest and jamming their workings.’

How on earth does Falcon Boy know this? With everything happening right now, I haven’t got time to tell you but if I get a chance, I will tell you later. If I don’t get a chance, then maybe you can decide for yourselves how Falcon Boy came by this information.

Bewilder Bird dropped the cymbal stand, threw himself on top of the Troublebot and started wrestling with it. Troublebots are pretty strong, but are not at their best when laying flat on their back. Battling with one arm to stop the flailing Troublebot from dislodging him, Bewilder Bird eventually managed to pry open the grille.

Falcon Boy approached the Troublebot with his drum stool. With a shrug and a shove, and also a very real disregard for his own personal safety, Falcon Boy rammed the metal leg of the stool into the Troublebot’s inner workings. A shower of sparks erupted from the Troublebot’s chest and soared into the air like a fancy firework.

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