Troublebot2The Troublebot took another step closer and Ellis started to feel very frightened. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine what Pearly Stockwell would do in a situation like this.

Sadly, however, the writers of Pearly Stockwell hadn’t yet got around to pitching her and her detective friends against evil robots disguised as backing dancers so Ellis had no real frame of reference for the situation she now found herself in.

Ellis knew she was in trouble but she didn’t know that she was confronting a Troublebot. How could she? She had never been told about them. She also didn’t know that this Troublebot was one of the three sent by Dr Don’t Know to stop her. Again, how could she know this? All Ellis knew is that the ugly-looking robot lumbering towards was very badly made and extremely angry-looking.

The Troublebot stopped right in front of her and bent down. Its face was so close to Ellis that she could hear the computer in its head whirring and slipping. Both of its eyes clicked independently as they struggled to focus. Troublebots don’t breathe but if they did, then this one’s breath would be thick and foul and oily and get caught in Ellis’s nostrils.

‘Bash you now,’ said the Troublebot in a low voice that sounded something like either a hoarse whisper or a long-distance telephone call. ‘Bash you all to bits now.’

Just out of sight, Ellis could hear a grinding sound as the Troublebot started to sort through the attachments on its hand to find the most suitable one for bashing.

Ellis gulped, and I have to say that things don’t look too good here. The Troublebot took a rusty step back to give itself more room and as it did so, Ellis closed her eyes. The Troublebot lifted an arm but just as it was about to strike, Ellis heard someone shout ‘Jumping Jupiter, we’ll have none of that nonsense round here!’

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