CeLEhc6W8AANLy6.jpg_largeBackstage is one of the favourite places in adventure books for adventures to happen, and it should come as no surprise to any of you that a perfect example of the kind of backstage adventure I am describing would have to be Pearly Breaks a Leg, the one where Pearly and the Incredible Twins are forced to investigate the Fallstown Players, a new amateur dramatics society that Pearly suspects is up to something nefarious.

The story begins with Pearly wondering aloud to herself why it was that there wasn’t more theatrical activity in Fallstown.

‘Why isn’t there more theatrical activity in this tiny little town?’ Pearly asks herself. ‘Where is all the romance and all the drama?’

Pearly puts her hands on her hips dramatically.

‘If I had more time, I would start a dramatic acting club and we would give free performances to bedridden old people and children in institutions.’

‘Pearly sweeps her hand dramatically onto her forehead,’ says the caption that accompanies this frame in the comic book.

No sooner has Pearly finished speaking when a leaflet drops through her letterbox. Her first thought is to chase the culprit down the road and remind them of the ‘No Leaflets or Circulars or Scroungers’ notice that she had written in thick marker pen and nailed to her front door.

Her second impulse is to send Windy racing for the police as fast as his little legs would carry him, but he was not back from the dentist yet. Pearly read the leaflet.

Are you interested in Drama?

So are we!

Want to know more?

Join the Fallstown Players!

 ‘What a coincidence,’ thinks Pearly, placing her hand dramatically on her chin in a ponderous, theatrical way. ‘How could anyone have had any idea about what I was thinking at this particular moment in time?’

How, indeed?

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