‘Who are you and what do you want?’ she demanded haughtily. ‘We are Doodah and we don’t have time for our fans just now.’

Deirdre considered smiling but couldn’t quite manage it. The best she could do was not growl.

Doodah3‘Could you please all leave straight away?’ she said through gritted teeth. ‘If you are really lucky, then maybe one day you might be fortunate enough to win a competition to meet one of our assistants. Until then, I must ask you all to please go away now before I have you removed.’

‘But…’ said Falcon Boy, despite everything that had just been said and the look of real hatred dawning on Deirdre’s face.

‘Leave…’ said Deirdre, her hackle well and truly up now.

‘Please…’ pleaded Falcon Boy pleadingly, and here we now find ourselves in a very difficult situation.

It is one thing to admire someone for something, as perhaps we are admiring Falcon Boy here for behaving himself in the face of such obvious and stupid ruditity. However, the question of admiration becomes slightly complicated when you realise that the someone you thought was to be admired is now beginning to sound desperate.

No one likes to hear the sound of desperation in someone’s voice, especially if that someone is a superhero. It sends out the wrong message.

‘Now!’ shouted Deirdre, and any pretence she might have been struggling to maintain regarding her true feelings had now gone, replaced by a brazen, tooth-bared, person-hating hostility.

‘You…’ choked Falcon Boy.





Ellis had listened to this exchange for long enough and found herself getting very angry as well. Some of Ellis’s anger was the normal, ordinary anger that anyone would feel when witnessing such out and out bad manners from someone who really should know a lot better. However, the main source of Ellis’s anger here was from the complete and utter stupidity of the situation.

Though she didn’t really need to, Ellis decided to stand on a chair before clearing her throat and shouting louder than she had ever shouted before.


Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at her.

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