If this wasn’t enough, and clearly it is, this same contract also prevents me from telling you anything about what they might or might not be wearing (even though, for example, I also know that they have just signed an exclusive outfitting contract with OneStripe Sportswear™).

Troublebot2Nor, for fear of full and fearsome legal action, the kind that could likely bankrupt a small nation, am I allowed to give you any indication of what tracks they are performing, whether they have any new material or, indeed, whether or not they are planning to spontaneously ad lib over any breaks that they might or might not include in their set.

Also, I cannot say anything about any aspect of the lighting, dancing, catering, or whether or not they are pleased with the way that their musical career has turned out.

I’m sorry but under the terms imposed by Fuzzy Cola© Corporation, I am only allowed to write the following approved paragraph.

‘Good evening Panic Town,’ said Nuclear Boy, DJ Slo-Mo and R-Man together. ‘We are the Rebel Robot MCs …’

So, anyway, and in order that nothing I say, do or write will further incur the wrath of the Fuzzy Cola© Corporation’s lawyers, let’s focus on Doodah and see how they are getting on.

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