Backstage, Doodah were busy preparing for their homecoming concert. They were due on stage at eight o’clock, following the support act, the Rebel Robot MCs, who were on stage even as we speak. And here is one of the biggest problems I have had with the telling of this story.

RebelRobotMCsI really, really, really love the Rebel Robot MCs. Or Dalton Akimbo, Burlington Turner and Pascoe Wellesley as they are known to their friends, family and uber-fans like me.

I love their raps and their rhymes. I adore their beats and their breaks. I truly believe that they can already take their place alongside real legends like Reddy Freddie and the Go Getters, L’il Little, DJ Soporific, the Rhyme and Reason Riddim Wranglers, and not forgetting Kaptin Kreu-Ton.

The Doodah support slot is a massive coup for the Rebel Robot MCs and ideally, I would be extolling you all with tales of how they are getting down and getting on with their latest breakiological beatapollooza.

Unfortunately however, for legally binding contractual reasons related to their having been recently snapped up by the Fuzzy Cola© Corporation, I am only allowed to tell you about the first 5 seconds of their performance.

This is because, as I have been reliably informed by the Fuzzy Cola© Corporation’s top legal experts, the rights to all the present, past and future performances relating to the Rebel Robot MCs:

‘whether real or imagined; recorded, described, discussed, considered, imagineered or in any other way, shape or form made to seem real or partially real to one or more person; commented upon, reviewed, articulated and/or in any other way captured or in any way placed within the popular and/or any other variation of that mental state known as imagination’ now belong to the Fuzzy Cola© Corporation ‘in perpetuity ad infinitum and forever more.’

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