And she did.

Ellis had stopped next to the lorry. It was an ordinary articulated lorry that had been parked up like all of the other ordinary articulated lorries that had been parked up backstage. Nothing about it was in any way suspicious, but somehow it still seemed different.

Falconb Boy 1‘This is where Falcon Boy and Bewilder Bird have been hidden,’ she suddenly realised.

‘And – I – have – found –them!’

The relief flooded through her like a rush from the sort of sugary drink that she was never allowed to drink.

‘I – have – found –them!’

Ellis looked around, expecting something horrible to happen, like a booby-trapped spring with a boxing glove on it, a very loud and scary alarm complete with spinning, flashing lights, or an enormous arrow made of light bulbs pointing straight at her head. She waited but nothing happened.

‘I have found you,’ she whispered to Falcon Boy. ‘I know where you both are.’

‘Where?’ asked Falcon Boy excitedly. ‘Where have you found us?’

‘Here,’ exclaimed Ellis, excitedly. ‘I have found you both here.’

‘Where is ‘here’?’ asked Falcon Boy plaintively.

‘Here is where,’ replied Ellis triumphantly. ‘That is where here is.’

And then she realised that Falcon Boy didn’t know where here was. It was her turn to talk slowly and carefully.

‘You are both imprisoned inside an articulated lorry, backstage at the Doodah concert. I am standing outside the lorry talking to you.’

Ellis looked over her shoulder, still convinced that something bad was about to happen.

‘I need to get you out straight away,’ she said.

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