When he had finished laughing, Falcon Boy started explaining the joke to Ellis.

‘Goldfish have really short memories,’ he said, ‘so every time the goldfish swam past the frog, it forgot that it had already asked the question. This is why it asked the same question again and again.’ Falcon Boy paused to let the ‘profundity’ of his joke sink in.

‘This is also why,’ he continued, ‘when the frog asked the goldfish why did it keep asking the same question over and over again, the goldfish said that it didn’t. It couldn’t remember that it had.’

‘But it’s not funny,’ protested Ellis accurately.

‘You didn’t say you wanted a funny joke,’ said Falcon Boy with equal accuracy. ‘You asked for a joke. You didn’t say it had to be funny.’

‘And it wasn’t,’ replied Ellis, wishing she had kept her silly mouth shut.

‘Don’t worry,’ declared Falcon Boy, delighted to have an audience. ‘There’s plenty more where that came from. Do you want another one?’

‘No, thank you very much,’ said Ellis rather too quickly. ‘I don’t think I need you to say anything else just now.’ She stopped. ‘I think I know where you are.’

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