I warn you in advance that Falcon Boy may be reasonably good at some things, reasonable at other things and useless at other other things, but he is neither reasonably good nor reasonable at making up jokes, concocting riddles or telling them. He is simply useless.

output_I61G4SFalcon Boy cleared his throat and though no one could see him, he still felt self-conscious enough to make sure that he was smiling. Presentation is always everything.

‘There was a frog sitting on a stone, washing his trousers in the pond. A goldfish swam by.’

Falcon Boy paused. This would normally be the point when whoever he was telling the joke to would start shifting uncomfortably, looking at their watch and mumble something about catching a bus. When none of these things happened, Falcon Boy continued.

‘‘What are you doing, Mr Frog?’ asked the goldfish.

‘What does it look like?’ answered the frog.

A little later on, the same goldfish swam by again.

‘What are you doing, Mr Frog?’ asked the goldfish.

‘What does it look like?’ answered the frog.

The goldfish swam past several more times and each time, he asked the same question. Each time, the frog gave the same answer.

Eventually the frog got so annoyed that he stopped doing what he was doing and waited for the goldfish to swim past again. Sure enough, he didn’t have to wait long and this time it was the frog who asked the question.

‘Why do you keep asking me the same question each time you swim past?’ asked the frog.

‘I don’t,’ said the goldfish and swam away.’

All the while Falcon Boy had been telling his joke, Ellis tried to use the sound of his voice to tell her where he was hidden but the joke and its punchline made her stop still in her tracks.

‘I don’t get it,’ she told Falcon Boy. ‘I don’t get the joke.’

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